Samuel Mok

Samuel Mok, director of Hong Kong International Guitar Festival 2013, an active guitarist and concert player in Hong Kong. He was majoring in guitar performance and graduated from Academy of Arts in Banska Bystric, Slovakia, Anton Bruckner University in Linz and Prayner Conservatory in Vienna, Austria. During the time of his study in Austria, he studied guitar with Mr. Gabriel Guillen, Dr. Massimo Stefanizzi, Prof.Max Hrase and Prof Marianne Waidhofer. In 2012 summer, Samuel started his study in 19th century performance practice with Prof. Adrian Walter and Prof. Carlo Barone in Accademia l’ Ottocento, Italy.

Besides performance and study, Samuel has participated in many master classes, which is conducted by the guitar maestro such as Alvaro Pierri, Eduardo Fernandez, Manuel Barrueco, Gabriel Guillen, Jorgos Panetsos, Pavel Steidl etc.

Samuel started his concert tour in 2012. He was invited to participant in the festival, concert and giving master class in Malaysia, Thailand, Shanghai (China), Taiwan, Slovakia, Vienna (Austria), Italy, Russia, France, Germany and Spain.

Some of the important world-class composer dedicated their work to Samuel as the following:

Mok Impression Op.127           Arnaldo Freire (Brazil)

I) Nocture




Mozartiana No.2                                     Angelo Gilardino (Italy)

Three days in Hong Kong                        Vincent Lindsey Clark (England)

Historia de Amor                                    Jose Luis Merlin (Argentina)

Samuel has many years teaching and performing experience in his community. He teaches and promotes guitar music and knowledge in the primary and secondary school, youth centers, churches in Hong Kong. In 2004, Samuel Mok found Ensemble Guitar Adagio. He is the conductor and music director of the ensemble until now.  After years of promotion and education efforts, the ensemble has been developed as an active guitar ensemble that is registered by government.

Ensemble Guitar Adagio holds many concerts in Hong Kong, including "Guitar with you I, II", "Guitar Fiesta”. In order to promote guitar music to the Hong Kong audience, Ensemble Guitar Adagio hold “Hong Kong Guitar Festival 2008 and 2009" which included different guitar playing style and invited professional player from abroad such as England, Austria, China, Taiwan and other places.


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